is an eco-friendly,
   sustainable and ethical
   socks and underwear brand.

Few things are as personal as what we are wearing under our everyday life. Our socks and underwear start our day with us, it should be comfortable, make us feel confident and effortlessly happy and ideally reflect our values for ethics and sustainability.

Here are the reasons why we care about our values:

Natural fabrics, recycled, certified: we are choosing a natural fiber for underwear, undershirts and socks as a healthier option. Our top main fabric for eco-friendly product is the cotton. We blend in small minimum amounts of synthetic material like spandex (or elastane) for stretch on our boxer briefs and use very low level of recycled polyester for our socks. For potential maximum recyclability, we utilize minimal spandex and prioritize applying already recycled synthetics. Moreover, we prefer benefiting from natural dyes to color some pieces, which means the dyeing process is safe for both humans and the environment and OEKO-TEX certified against hazardous toxics.

Sustainability: we believe sustainable textile products can reduce textile waste. Consumers have the power to make the right choice, making a sustainable purchase can help reduce our very own environmental footprint. Our brand is also committed to reducing and recycling the volume of packaging used to transport our products.

Fair labor and transparency: We only work with trusted, certified factory partners. They have the same sustainable vision as us and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint. These factories also ensure that their workplace is free of child labor and forced labor, their workers are surrounded in a safe working space, paid a living wage and of course, they are always treated with respect.

Social mission: We are implementing “give back” programs as part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our customers not only support a sustainable product, but also sustain a mission beyond fair consumerism. With each purchase our consumers make, a percentage goes into our mission we care for deeply. We dedicate partial profits to support children education programs and poverty alleviation charities. Our aim to support kids and make them key players.